What Your Eye Color Says About Your Personality

What Your Eye Color Says About Your Personality

(HealthyResearch.com) – Is it possible to gain insights into someone’s personality simply by gazing at their eye color? As it turns out, it is. While it may sound like pseudoscience or internet lore, several real studies and surveys have found a correlation between personality and eye color.

The eyes may just give a glimpse into the genetic and neurological makeup of individuals, both of which have a direct impact on personality. So, what does your eye color say about your personality?

Brown Eyes

Eye color is determined by the amount of melanin within the iris. The darker the eye color, the more melanin there is. Brown eyes, which have the most melanin, are the most common color. People with brown eyes are believed to be outgoing, intelligent, trustworthy, serious, self-sufficient and kind.

Blue Eyes

According to genetics, all humans had brown eyes at one time. Color variations come from a genetic mutation that occurred in the European population and, to this day, only occur in people of European descent. Those with blue eyes tend to be less forthcoming about themselves. They are also thought to be sweet, sexy and kind.

Green Eyes

People with green eyes are believed to be mysterious, creative, devious, shy and trustworthy. They are also thought to be patient, intelligent, free-loving, attractive and sensual. More prone to long-term relationships, green-eyed individuals are known to stay cool under pressure and tend to be the happiest of any eye color.

Hazel Eyes

Known for their imagination and love of all things new, researchers have found hazel-eyed people to be adventurous risk-takers. They are thought to be courageous, responsible and a little selfish at times. They are also serious critical thinkers.

How well do your personality traits match up with the predictions made based on your eye color? Are they spot on? Don’t be too surprised if they are. Researchers argue that a connection can be made between personality and eye color because the genes that are responsible for forming the personality portion of your brain are also responsible for developing your iris and choosing your eye color. Therefore, the eyes really are the windows to the soul!

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