The Keto Diet Could SEVERELY Hurt You – Here’s Why

The Keto Diet Could SEVERELY Hurt You Here's Why

( – The keto diet has helped many people meet their short-term weight loss goals. It may help lower blood sugar and blood pressure, but those benefits could come at a serious cost.

Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, GA recently examined the positive and negative effects of the keto diet, and they came to some startling conclusions. In some cases, the keto diet might cause some serious health problems. They published their findings in The American Journal of Medicine.

Here are the key issues they found with the keto diet.

It Might Promote Hepatic Insulin Resistance

Despite reports that the keto diet can help with type 2 diabetes, this most recent research found that it can also cause insulin resistance. An issue that most often occurs alongside metabolic disorders, insulin resistance happens when the liver, a key player in sugar metabolism, gets its chemical signals confused. As a result, the body needs higher insulin levels to process the same amount of sugar, which can lead to fatty liver disease and other negative health effects.

It Can Trigger Heart Issues

The keto diet forces the body into ketosis, which means it has shifted gears to metabolize fats instead of carbs. In the process, it forms byproducts called ketone bodies, which may have serious effects on the heart. According to the Emory University research, the presence of ketone bodies may raise the risk of arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation and cardiac chamber enlargements. All of these problems may increase the possibility of a heart attack.

According to the latest figures, ketone bodies may form when the carbohydrate content in a person’s diet falls consistently below 15%; the keto diet typically requires carbs to fall closer to the 10% range.

It Could Increase Inflammation

Studies on mice have shown the keto diet may increase inflammatory markers in the blood. These changes could be a result of higher insulin levels, which might increase stress on the body. The inflammation may also be a side effect of the higher red meat and saturated fat content commonly observed in the keto diet.

Experts stress that better choices in meats and fats — for example, choosing fish over red meat and reining in saturated fat intake — could make a difference in some of these repercussions. However, more research will determine whether better dietary choices can reduce these negative effects.

The keto diet could be a mixed bag. Some people believe it’s safe for most dieters as long as they practice it short-term. Many experts would like to understand more before making any firm recommendations. For now, it’s best to include a dietician or family doctor in any major dietary changes.

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