3 Things That Are Ruining Your Skin

(HealthyResearch)- by DC Derm Docs, Wellness Contributor

Having a great skincare regimen means more than just washing and maintaining your skin. While constantly washing and maintaining your skin’s cleanliness is one of the main aspects of your skincare, eating habits are just as critical in skincare.

Drs. Dale Isaacson and Marilyn Berzin have recently developed a list of foods and drinks that are damaging to the skin. They emphasize that moderate to constant consumption of these listed foods and beverages are what leads to negative effects on the skin.

Three of the most damaging foods for your skin:

  1. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous beverages to consume for the skin. Alcohol ages the skin and puts it at risk for multiple other skin ailments. Recent studies have shown that even moderate consumption of alcohol increases the risk of the world’s most deadly skin disease-melanoma– by 20%. Alcohol also helps age you with effects that include the drying out of the skin and the creation of wrinkled eyes upon moderate consumption.
  2. Sugar – If you are craving something sweet you might want to keep your skin’s health in mind. While some sugar is beneficial to the body having too much of it will ruin your skin. Consumption of large amounts of sugar blocks the insulin pathways within the body that are responsible for breaking down all foods. The blockage of the insulin pathways within the body creates enzymes that break down collagen and elastin which leads to sagging and wrinkly skin.
  3. Coffee -While many people need their coffee in the morning, the skin certainly does not. Coffee’s main ingredient- caffeine, is well known for dehydrating the body. Caffeine not only dehydrates the body, but it also dries out the skin especially around the eyes.

While occasional consumption of the foods listed above is unlikely to do extensive damage to your skin, the continued consumption of these foods is dangerous for your skin’s health and appearance. Next time you have a sugar or coffee craving or need a drink, keep your skin in mind.

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