These 4 Things Help “Spice Things Up”

Are you looking to boost the romance in your world? A great place to infuse a little starry-eyed wonder is your sex life. Sex isn’t just about feeling good. It’s also about the intimacy and bond two people can share. Some people skip the romance and go straight to sex, without much thought as to what their partner might need. Bringing romance to the bedroom can help increase the bond and make things even more enjoyable. Here are 4 great ways to turn up the heat…

Talk About What Romance Means to You

Not all men and women have the same idea of romance. In fact, it is a pretty individual and personal thing. Talk to your partner about what the word means to them, and share what it truly means to you. Once you know, you can bring it to the bedroom.

Say, “I Love You”

So many lovers look to get to the sexual release without much thought about the road to get there. Don’t rush through things. Take it slow. Do a little eye-gazing if you’re both comfortable with that. Connect on that spiritual level. Say “I love you,” and let them know you care about their happiness and the way they feel.

Use Candles for Soft Lighting

Some couples choose to have the lights off entirely during sex. Others like to leave the lights on. Try using candles instead to create soft lighting that enhances the mood. It creates an ambiance that puts people in a more romantic mood and makes them more likely to take things slow and enjoy the experience.

Play Romantic Music

Music is a great way to change the mood in the bedroom. If you put on something fast-paced, you’re probably going to end up going fast-paced. If you put on something slow, the sexy stuff will be more slow and intimate. Find some romantic music and create a playlist you can use when you and your partner are in the mood for more intimacy.

This can make you and your partner feel more connected and bring a new level of intimacy to the relationship. Try one or all of these methods and watch your sex life transform into something romantic.

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