Know How Your Body Changes for Weight Loss Over 35

Wellness Tip: During aging, the body changes, making it more difficult to lose weight. Calorie requirements are less and metabolism slows. You may not be able to eat how you did in your 20s without increasing your activity level.

  • Lower your daily caloric intake by choosing more vegetables and fruits, which are lower in calories.
  • Reduce or eliminate the sweet treats. Or better yet, replace them with a tasty, healthy alternative.
  • To increase metabolism, add both aerobic activity and strength training to your exercise routine. Even the addition of a short daily walk can make all the difference you want to see. Or get back on that bicycle.
  • Aerobics are a very efficient way to burn calories.
  • Strength training reduces the muscle and bone loss that occurs during aging and helps you burn more calories during your workout.
  • If you don’t have access to typical weight training, or don’t like it, research some “workouts” you can easily do at home, such as Tabata. In addition, you can increase your strength at home by doing exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, the Superman core exercise, squats – all exercises that use your own body weight and gravity as resistance.

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