How Voting Could Benefit Your Mental Health

How Voting Could Benefit Your Mental Health

( – Voting is important for several reasons. It’s a right and duty of citizenship and helps shape the nation. From healthcare to climate change, there’s a lot at stake. Beyond making your vote count, are there other benefits, too? Getting out and voting may contribute to improved mental health. Here’s why.

Activism Allows You to Express Yourself

When your core beliefs suddenly come into the spotlight or you believe they could be jeopardized, your vote counts. You might need to become more vocal and work with others to create change in your community. Being an activist and sharing your beliefs with others is one way to get your point across to others. Knowing that you made yourself heard can boost your mental well-being.

Finding Unity Among Your Peers

Feeling like you’re the only one in your household or group that believes a certain way may make you feel isolated and alone. When election time rolls around, it affords you a unique opportunity to talk with other like-minded voters, share ideas, and enjoy the sense of unity you might otherwise lack.

You might also consider going to the polls together. It may provide an opportunity for great conversations while you discuss with others the benefits of your favorite candidates.

Feelings of Accomplishment

Getting out and casting your vote might give you a sense of accomplishment. Maybe you’ve missed some political rallies or you’ve been too busy to share your opinions with others. Regardless, casting your vote assures you made a difference and may help boost your psyche by knowing you’ve done what you can to create change.

Sets a Good Example For Others

Children are the foundation for America’s future. That is why they need to be taught that actions at the polls is a fundamental way to generate change. When they see you and other adults talking about the elections and voting, it may inspire them. Every positive teaching moment can affirm our self-worth.

Believing in a candidate’s vision for a better future might inspire you. The only way to bring that vision to fruition is to vote. So get ready! Take the time to understand each candidate’s position and all the issues that might be on the ballot and get out to the polls on election day!

~Here’s to Your Health & Safety!

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