How To Keep Up the COVID Battle at Home

How To Keep Up the COVID Battle at Home

( – There are so many little places at home where germs, viruses and bacteria can hide. And no matter how clean you try to keep everything, especially if you have a family, things get used and they get dirty — every day. As you keep up the battle against COVID-19, we have tips on places you can sanitize every day.

10 Places to Clean Every Day

A recent study found your phone is likely covered in germs: an average of 17,032 bacteria per phone, including e.coli and those that cause staph infections. That’s over 10 times dirtier than the average public toilet seat! In the midst of the novel coronavirus, it pays to be extra vigilant about cleaning everyday items that come into contact with our hands and our faces on a regular basis, or that are likely to spread viruses and germs around to family and visitors.

Let’s look at a few of the household items that should receive extra care in sanitizing during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Your phone. Clean and sanitize your cell phone and your house phone at least daily. As mentioned earlier, phones are nasty and should be cleaned according to manufacturers’ recommendations at least once daily, if not more frequently.
  • Doorknobs and door handles. Pay special attention to ones that are used regularly or used by visitors or strangers.
  • Toilet seats. Toilet seats might be cleaner than cell phones, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be cleaned regularly. During the COVID-19 crisis, it’s best to clean the toilets that your family uses daily by wiping down all outside surfaces and then cleaning the toilet bowl itself. Don’t forget the toilet handle, which can be cleaned after every use if you put sanitizing wipes in the bathroom and then simply flush the wipe away with the germs after each use.
  • The sink and bathroom accessories. While you’re in the bathroom, cleaning the sink and bathroom accessories, such as your soap dispenser, is the next logical step for daily sanitizing to fight COVID-19. Don’t forget to sanitize your toothbrush handle or your electric toothbrush, but be careful to avoid your toothbrush head.
  • Remote controls. Some of the most frequently touched items in your home are your remote controls. Be sure to sanitize the remotes for your televisions, lighting, fireplace, fans and stereo.
  • Light switches. Light switches are some of the most frequently touched items in your home, so they are likely to spread germs and viruses easily. Clean them with sanitizing wipes at least once daily to keep up with COVID-19.
  • House keys, car keys and the doorbell. Think about it: strangers come to your house and touch your doorbell, and you hold your keys in your hands that have touched everything that day. A quick wipe down every day could potentially stop viruses in their tracks.
  • Shared and personal electronics and computers. Desktops, laptops, computer mouses and mouse pads and other electronics, such as tablets, should be cleaned daily. You might even sanitize them more frequently, especially if they are passed between family members.
  • Your kitchen. In the kitchen, there are several things that can be cleaned daily to help prevent the novel coronavirus from spreading. These include the kitchen sink and accessories and the kitchen counters. Don’t forget the door handles of the refrigerator and freezer that your family touches every time someone gets food or beverages. Pay attention to the kitchen light switches, too.
  • Nightstands, alarm clocks and lamps. These are some of the most frequently touched items in your home. Keeping them clean might keep you healthy, especially as you start your day, wash your face, or brush your teeth.

Keeping these items clean during normal circumstances is a good idea, but cleaning during the pandemic is crucial. Your health and your family’s might very well depend upon how well you keep up the daily battle against COVID-19.

~Here’s to Your Health & Safety!

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