OUCH! How to Handle This Common Summer Problem

(HealthyResearch)- The sun is out; it’s a beautiful day, and you have your heart set on getting out there and moving your body. The fresh air and exercise might feel great, but for many of us, going out unprepared for this reality, can ruin a great day. Unexpected thigh chafing is more than annoying, it’s painful! We went looking for ways to help with this common problem.

What Causes Chafing?

Chafing occurs when skin repeatedly rubs against another area of skin or clothing, leading to irritation. Thighs are a commonly affected area, which can make getting active a frustrating and painful endeavor. But of course, it can happen anywhere. Under the arms is another common place. Wearing coarse clothing and exposing the areas to sweat, heat, rubbing, and/or dirt can make chafing worse or set it up to start.


Petroleum jelly can help prevent chafing by reducing the amount of friction that occurs. And for those already experiencing some irritation or rawness, it can offer some protection for tender skin and give it a better chance to heal. Vaseline is pretty cheap, costing less than $2.50 for 1.75 ounces, and a little goes a long way. The one big drawback is that it’s greasy, so it may get messy or create some discomfort of its own. But as a readily available remedy, it can’t be beat — it’s available in almost every convenience store, grocery, and drugstore. So when out and about and a fast remedy is needed, this one may be the best choice.

Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel

For a similar effect without the greasy feel, some people like Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel. It won’t stain clothes, and it can be used it in other problem spots like the bikini area, underarms and beneath the breasts. A 1.5-ounce tube can be found for less than $6.

Bandelettes Anti-Chafing Elastic Thigh Bands

A lot of us find some relief by wearing shorts under our skirts, but — ugh, that extra waistband… Enter Bandelettes Anti-Chafing Elastic Thigh Bands. These clever accessories, made with a comfortable weave of nylon and spandex, protect thighs from one another without the bunchy waistband. Plus, they’re really pretty. Most run about $15 to $20, and they come in 15 different styles and colors. (There are many brands, so shop around.)

Yeah Bra Anti-Chafing Skort

Then we found this: Yeah Bra’s Anti-Chafing Skort. The shorts layer covers the upper thighs with a breathable fabric that matches the outer skirt. Each side has a hidden pocket (!!!), and the overall design offers compression to reduce stomach bulges. The skorts generally go for $39.99, but ordering from the company’s website can take the price down to as low as $19.99. It’s worth checking out for those of us that hike a lot.

Jockey Skimmies Wicking Slipshort

Another great choice is Jockey Skimmies Wicking Slipshort. Its sleek, form-fitting design allows full coverage without a thick, unsightly waistband, so it can be worn discreetly under dresses and skirts. It also offers gentle support in the stomach area without being too constricting. It sells for $22, or two for $32.

Hot hikes don’t need to slow down us thick-thigh adventurers. Let’s keep getting out there, but maybe bring along some thigh protection, to help make it as fun as it deserves to be.

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