Has the Coronavirus Second Wave Already Begun?

Has the Coronavirus Second Wave Already Begun?

(HealthyResearch.com) – There’s no denying the hard, ugly truth unfolding before us — the current COVID-19 surge is real. Just when people across the United States started to let their guard down, assuming the dropping death rate would stay on its downward trend, the numbers once again began to spike.

The US death toll on July 6 was 379; on July 7, that number had risen to 993. So, what happened?

Consequences Finally Hitting

For a few weeks, despite states jumping to reopen and people defying social distancing suggestions for a host of reasons, the US death rate seemed to be burning itself out. Somehow, despite surges in new infections and some hospital ICUs being filled to capacity, deaths remained at a hopeful low. People all across the country continued to let their guard down — and that may yet prove to be a big mistake.

Discover magazine claims we can’t possibly be seeing a second wave — because the first one is still going strong. And Discover has a point: We never beat this thing in the first place, and as of July 8th, we were seeing an average of 50,000 new cases each day, with no indication that the number will be going down anytime soon. With the death rate once again catching up with the boom of infections, we could be looking at some serious devastation in the weeks to come.

Ending the Current Wave

This current wave isn’t likely to end until residents in every state take social distancing seriously. That means holding off a little longer on going to the bar or the gym, keeping social bubbles small, minimizing close interactions and wearing a mask out in public places. This resurgence could continue for a long time, and the numbers could get even scarier if everyone doesn’t start doing their part.

All across the world, regions are seeing infection and death rates fall. For many of these areas, the first COVID-19 wave has effectively ended. According to a CNBC report, several countries in Europe are considering reopening their borders to international travel — except to travelers from the United States and other high-risk countries. Until we get a better handle on our numbers, borders in all directions will likely remain closed to us.

However we define the COVID-19 resurgence in the United States, we might be looking at some hard times ahead. We failed to flatten the curve, and now we’re paying the price. So while we might not be on our second wave, we are all right back at square one.

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