Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over the “Quarantine Fifteen”

Don't Beat Yourself up Over the Quarantine Fifteen

( – The pandemic has been hard on everyone. Some people find themselves working at home, unable to get out to exercise like they are used to — leading to bouts of weight gain and depression. Whether you have had COVID or are just quarantining to stay safe, your eating habits have probably changed. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve gained a little weight. Here are some ways to eat smarter and healthier.

Focus on Quality

Understandably, some foods may be scarce during the pandemic. It can be challenging to get fresh fruits and veggies daily. If you can, that’s great and an excellent way to get quality nutrition to help keep your weight in check. If you can’t get fresh items, try substituting canned, dried or frozen. It’s better than turning to processed food.

Set Small Goals

Does stress eating play a role in your pandemic lifestyle? Don’t fret over gaining a few pounds. Just change things up a little. Now is not the time to embark on a major health kick. Keep things simple and work on small weight loss goals. Get plenty to drink daily, and don’t forget to work in at least 30 minutes of cardio daily. Are you stuck at home? Crank up your favorite tunes for 30 minutes and show off your dance moves!

Keep Trigger Foods at Bay

Peanut butter crackers, granola bars, chips, yum, they are all quick snack go-to’s. Try to keep portions controlled. Don’t allow foods that are your kryptonite, like cookies or chips, in the house. Replace them with healthy snacks like raisins or nuts to help reduce the urge to eat junk and the anxiety that comes with giving in.

Have Some Self Compassion

“No matter where you go, there you are.” Remember that you will get through the isolation and unpredictability of the pandemic. It’s hard now, and food is comfort, but don’t let a setback of gaining some weight destroy your psyche.

Fuel your body with healthy foods and your self-esteem with healthier affirmations. You matter, and you deserve the best that life has to offer. You’re perfect just the way you are.

Sometimes it’s hard with the uncertainty of COVID lingering overhead. Don’t punish yourself mentally and physically for feeling stuck in a rut. Weight gain? It happens, but you can make changes. Alter your mindset and focus on how strong you are and how much stronger you will become once the pandemic is over.

~Here’s to Your Health & Safety!

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