7 Metabolism Myths to Forget Right Now

7 Metabolism Myths to Forget Right Now

(HealthyResearch.com) – We all want our bodies to look and feel their best, and part of that includes having a healthy metabolism. Finding the right balance of diet and exercise isn’t always easy, especially when metabolism myths abound. Find out what’s true and what isn’t below.

Myth #1: Exercise Boosts Overall Metabolism

Medline explains that exercise causes the immediate burning of calories, but that only continues for as long as the exercise itself does. Even if someone works up a good sweat, their metabolism is going to return to its normal rate within an hour or two of the end of the workout.

Myth #2: Skinny People Have Faster Metabolisms

Actually, the reverse is true. According to Physicians for Women, heavier bodies need more calories to sustain their mass — and they also burn more calories when they exercise. A woman weighing 200 pounds will burn 106 calories in a 1-mile walk, while a 125-pound woman will only burn 67 calories.

Myth #3: Enough Exercise Can Make Up for a Bad Diet

It takes more exercise to burn a decent chunk of calories than most people realize. UPMC MyHealth Matters reports that the average person would have to walk over 1 1/2 hours to burn off 350 calories, or roughly the equivalent of a piece of cake. Exercise can help offset small mishaps, but it’s no substitute for a healthy diet.

Myth #4: Many Small Meals Is Better Than a Few Large Ones

Your metabolism isn’t going to change much as long as your daily intake doesn’t change, and so the size and frequency of your meals aren’t really that important as long as you’re eating a sensible amount of food throughout the day. However, some people find eating more frequently reduces the urge to overeat, so this strategy can still be helpful.

Myth #5: Eating Fats Makes You Fat

Many people are still suffering the effects of the 1990’s obsession with cutting out fats. This advice was inaccurate, and yet so many people continue to perpetuate this myth. Healthy fats like olive and vegetable oils provide the body with necessary nutrients and building blocks. Even more, study after study shows fat consumption alone does not cause weight gain.

Myth #6: Certain Foods Affect Your Metabolism

It’s true that some foods, such as those that are spicy or caffeinated, can give the metabolism a tiny boost — but just by a nudge. Their effects aren’t nearly enough to make any notable differences in a person’s weight, unfortunately. Drink green tea because it’s enjoyable, not because of rumors of its effects on the waistline.

Myth #7: Slowed Metabolism Is an Inevitable Part of Aging

Many people do find their metabolisms slow as they age, but that’s only because they become less active. People also naturally lose muscle mass as they get older, which can affect metabolism as well. Incorporating strength training into a regular exercise regimen can help reduce the risk of muscle loss.

Numerous factors can affect a person’s metabolism including race, diet, climate and even menstruation. Discard the myths and take charge. A healthier you is waiting.

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