5 Things to Do (and Never Do) Naked

5 Things to Do (and Never) Do Naked

(HealthyResearch.com) – Being naked can feel great at the right time and place, and plenty of people like to be naked in their own homes. But if you’re going to be bare, it’s important to pay attention to what kinds of things are safe and what might be better handled while wearing clothing. Here are some things it’s good to do — and not do — in the buff.

5 Things to Do Naked

The following activities can be a lot more fun if you do them naked:

    1. Cook naked. There’s no reason not to make a meal naked — as long as there’s no frying involved. Whipping up a meal in the buff can feel great, and in the summertime, it’s also a good way to stay cooler and more comfortable in the kitchen.
    2. Dance naked. Dancing is one of the greatest forms of self-expression. Whether we’re swaying to a simple tune they’re humming or jumping around to a rock and roll song, it can feel amazing to move our bodies through dance. Unencumbered by clothing, that level of self-expression and connection to the music is even easier.
    3. Exercise naked. Stretch, run on the treadmill, do HIIT workouts, or perform other types of exercise without clothing. Because people sweat a lot when they exercise, being naked saves on washing clothes and might mean staying cooler, too.
    4. Meditate naked. Meditation is about connecting with oneself and the surrounding energy, so being naked can seem very natural. It may be beneficial to shed clothing when trying for this level of peace, comfort, and connection. It can also mean feeling cooler and free to choose a meditation pose that feels right without binding clothing.
    5. Watch TV naked. When lounging around watching TV, why bother to get dressed? It can be very comfortable on the couch or in a favorite chair, watching enjoyable shows. But when the shows are over, and there are other things to do, consider some of the things that shouldn’t be done naked.

5 Things to NEVER Do Naked

While being nude can be safe and fun when it comes to some activities, others should be avoided. Here are five things to never do in the buff:

  1. Light candles. A room full of candles certainly sounds romantic, but it’s also a significant risk for getting burned. When naked, there are plenty of sensitive areas where burns really should be avoided. It may be best to light all the candles while still fully clothed and then choose a safe location to disrobe to reduce burn risk.
  2. Fry food. Sizzling oil and naked skin are not a good combination. Some foods, like bacon, also “pop” as they’re frying, sending chaotic splatters of scalding oil in various directions, including toward bare skin. When frying foods, it’s best to cover up any parts that shouldn’t be exposed to burning oil.
  3. Iron clothes. Stray steam can accidentally strike some very sensitive areas, causing burns. It’s also possible to sear skin if the iron slips and comes into contact with unclothed body parts. Wearing clothes for this activity is the safest choice.
  4. Use tools. Any home or car repairs that require tools create a risk of injury. A slip may result in injury. Long-sleeved shirts, blue jeans, and proper shoes help to reduce the risk of injury while using tools.
  5. Use cleaning products. Any time a person is using cleaning products, it’s best to be covered up. Clothing, rubber gloves and even a mask or goggles might be needed for serious cleaning products. Many cleaning chemicals can actually burn the skin if they come into contact, and there are plenty of places on the body where that would be a very bad thing.

No matter what a person decides to do while naked, it may be a good idea to think it through before starting. Something as simple as what kinds of food are being cooked could determine whether being nude is a good idea. There’s no doubt that we might experience a greater sense of freedom and enjoyment performing some activities in the buff. Making informed choices about what we do while naked may help us appreciate the experience without putting ourselves at risk.

~Here’s to Your Health & Safety!

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