5 Signs That You’re an Empath

5 Signs That You're An Empath

(HealthyResearch.com) – For some of us, dealing with emotions, both our own and those of others, might feel like surfing a tidal wave. It might feel complex, exhilarating, exhausting and dangerous, with the potential to be pulled under, losing ourselves in an ocean of emotion at any time.

Have you ever wondered why you were so sensitive? Having a deep sense of emotional awareness may be both a blessing and a curse. If you tune in not only to your own feelings but other peoples’ as well, you might be an empath. Read ahead and see if these five signs pertain to you.

1. You’re In Tune to Other’s Emotions

If you’ve ever walked into a room and immediately sensed how someone else was feeling, despite no outward displays, it’s a sign you might be an empath. Empaths are sensitive to others’ emotions. Sometimes, even when others aren’t showing any emotion, deny they feel a certain way or specifically try to hide feelings or information, an empath may pick up on the slightest indication something is wrong.

If it doesn’t set right, an empath may go into investigative mode and ask questions. They don’t rest until they’ve figured it out. They tend to be human lie detectors.

2. People Seek Your Advice

Another sign that you might be an empath is when people call you the second something goes wrong in their lives. Maybe they’ve fought with a friend or they’re considering changing careers. When they’re talking with you, no major life dilemma is off the table. Perhaps you always listen carefully, pay attention to details — even the ones they don’t specifically list, and respond with a caring voice. You empathize.

While it’s great to be recognized and trusted as a confidante and counselor, an empath might take in the emotions of those they advise and quickly become drained. For self-preservation, it might be necessary to learn how to say “no” sometimes and retain personal space. Many empaths tend to seek out and crave solitary time for this reason.

3. You Can Catch a Vibe

Empathetic personalities pick up on vibes others emit without trying. Sometimes, it may happen at inopportune times. It might not be unusual for them to sense when someone is ready to start trouble or has been lying to them. This may trigger confrontation and could lead to arguments and disagreements. Alternatively, many empaths will retreat and bow out of social situations if they feel uncomfortable, lending to their reputation as introverts.

If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable around someone you’ve just met, your instinct might be telling you something.

4. Tragic Events Incapacitate You

When something bad happens to others, even strangers, it may drain an empath, both emotionally and physically. From world events to the news of a neighbor who is sick, it might leave you overthinking and sometimes depressed. This is certainly a sign that you may be an empath.

5. Intimate Relations Overwhelm You

Empaths tend to love their space. They are often introverts at heart and might feel disconcerted when a new roommate moves in, or a loved one doesn’t allow them alone time.

Their need for quiet time and space to recharge and reevaluate their day going forward may lead them to seek out quiet walks in nature or secluded gardens. It’s not uncommon for empaths to feel a bit smothered or overwhelmed in close, personal relationships.

Empaths can be wonderful personalities who are often natural healers and counselors. Their natural talents may be a drain on them, requiring them to feed their souls with calming and uplifting thoughts and reflection to recharge and recenter. Alone time is vital. So if these five signs describe you, you might be an empath. Take time out for self-care, and nurture your heart and soul. Your life, and the lives that are entwined with yours, depend on it.

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