3 Strategies for Surviving a Pandemic

3 Strategies for Surviving a Pandemic

(HealthyResearch.com) – Are you prepared for a pandemic? What about a quarantine? The new coronavirus has officially infected every continent except Antarctica, and the coming days could be telling. The virus could ravage every major country in the world… or it could be contained before it spreads further. Still, preparation is key. It’s important to gather everything you might need now in case you and your family have to hole up for a few weeks.

1. Preparing for the Worst

Prepare for a lockdown, then hope for the best. You might have no choice but to stay home for a while if the new coronavirus strikes your area. Quarantines have been mandatory in some areas of China, where the virus spread alarmingly fast, and in Italy, where the infection rate threatened to follow suit. So far, the strategy has been effective at lowering the rate of new infections significantly. We may need to do the same in the US to reduce infection rates. Quarantine could be the most effective way to ensure the lowest possible death toll.

To prepare, have a home stockpile of these essentials ready in case you need it:

  • Canned foods: fruits, juices, vegetables, meats and soups.
  • Dry goods: rice, beans, cereal, granola, nuts, fruit, coffee, tea, drink mixes and protein bars.
  • Other staples: peanut butter, crackers, baby food and pet food.
  • Medications: prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.
  • Hygiene: soap/alcohol-based hand sanitizer, tissues, TP and diapers.
  • Extra supplies: hand-powered can opener, garbage bags, flashlights, radio, batteries, cleaning supplies, paper towels and any other necessary medical supplies.

Plan to have enough supplies and bottled water (each person needs about a gallon per day) to last you for 2 to 3 weeks.

2. Be Ready for Illness to Strike Your Home

You may not be able to prevent the illness from striking your home. If it does find its way in, the CDC recommends that you keep your distance from anyone who’s sick, wash your hands frequently and sanitize surfaces regularly. Run a humidifier, which may reduce the length of time the virus is virulent, as well as an air filter equipped with a UV filter, which will kill lingering germs in the air. Call your doctor for further instructions if you suspect anyone in your household has contracted the new coronavirus.

3. Keep a Clear Head

The possibility of a lockdown might be scary, but it’s important that you stay in control of your anxiety. Work on staying calm under pressure by practicing deep breathing or visualization exercises. Remind yourself that this will pass — and remember that roughly 80% of people who do contract the virus will experience only mild to moderate symptoms.

A pandemic is likely on the way, so prepare now. Stock what you need, prepare for the possibility of dealing with an infection in your home and prepare yourself mentally to keep calm and control anxiety. The rest will fall into place.

~Here’s to Your Health & Safety!

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