10 Things Your Doctor Should Tell You But Won’t

(HealthyResearch.com)- by Fred Fletcher, Wellness Contributor

Most people depend on their doctor(s) when it comes to the most important decisions they make about their health.  For many things, doctors are indeed a good source of information, considering how intense their education and training in the health sciences is.

But there are also a number of areas or topics about which doctors simply aren’t the best source of information.  A glaring example is nutrition.  Doctors are simply not given much training in nutrition.

Lack of knowledge in a specific area, though, isn’t the only reason why doctors are not the best source of information for some topics.  There are certain things that doctors are either discouraged or downright prohibited from sharing with their patients.  For example, doctors aren’t supposed to discuss alternative treatments for cancer with patients–especially involving nutritional solutions such as those provided by vitamin B17 (laetrile) supplements.

Other things have to do with potential loss of profits, legal concerns, or the fact that, to be blunt, the medical establishment wants to keep patients ignorant about some topics.  One of those topics is ionizing radiation.  If doctors told patients the truth about the real dangers of ionizing radiation, most people would have to be sedated before they consented to X-rays, CT and PET scans.

In order to avoid such a scene, doctors are instead trained to tell patients that ionizing radiation is perfectly harmless, especially in so-called “low dosages.”  Well, critics of this policy would describe the process as simple, old-fashioned BS.  In addition to the lies patients are told about ionizing radiation used in medical imaging, doctors aren’t likely to make the following facts or suggestions known to you:

1.  Consider buying a Geiger counter.  At last, once and for all, it has been proven that nuclear power plants aren’t as “safe” and “clean” as the government and the mainstream media have been irresponsibly and dishonestly saying for years.  Fukushima has solidly made that clear, thanks to a giant tsunami in Japan (though the news isn’t worth celebrating–except to the extent that it is exonerating those critics who knew these types of disasters were unavoidable!).  Fukushima, though, is only the tip of the iceberg.

Nuclear waste has been dumped all over the planet, including our precious, previously-pristine oceans.  This means that, in addition to naturally-occurring sources of ionizing radiation, radiation contamination can now accurately be described as ubiquitous.  It’s in our air, in our water and on our land.

For that reason, you need to have a Geiger counter on hand.  This device is one way to detect something that can’t be smelled, felt, heard or sensed, in spite of being disease-inducing and, if high enough, 100% deadly.

2.  Keep a detailed, well-updated journal/diary of all medical imaging tests involving ionizing radiation (including those over-used dental exams they keep exposing you to as if they were really “absolutely-not-dangerous”) you’ve received (preferably since childhood).  The fact that the medical establishment doesn’t make this a requirement for every patient (from childhood) is one of the reasons to question whether doctors really do have our best interest in mind.

After all, pushing this requirement would be neither too burdensome nor particularly expensive and, yet, it would provide the impetus needed to greatly reduce exposure to something which we know for sure causes cancer, among other harmful things.  The system, though, is so hung up on the mythical “low dosage” paradigm that it has failed to accurately and honestly assess and describe the undeniable dangers in question.

3.  Conventional cancer treatment doesn’t really work, (by the industry’s own admission) it isn’t a cure, and it may even do more harm than good.  As sad as it may sound, those persons who get cancer today will die from cancer, unless they die from other causes before the cancer comes back.  At best, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery (the top 3 “final solutions” offered to cancer victims) will supposedly prolong the life of the afflicted.

Meanwhile, there have been several cures which were never disproven with clinical trials (the only way to truly completely and reliably assess any proposed medical treatment–which is why this is how all new pharmaceutical products are ultimately evaluated).

The Hoxie, the highly-respected-by-many-experts Dr. Gerson, laetrile (Vitamin B17), etc., treatments were all summarily rejected by convening panels of highly conflicted (i.e., they all worked for or had vested financial interests in Big Pharma) doctors who merely gave their personal opinions–as opposed to funding formal experiments and clinical studies that would have put these treatments to the test formally, using animals first, then human beings, with adequate controls, and lasting long enough to be statistically significant.

4.  cure for cancer has most probably already been found but has been suppressed because, to be blunt, they’re not interested in a cure and won’t allow anyone to threaten their profit margins.  Let’s take the Gerson cure/treatment for cancer.  To this day, you can formally ask the FDA for the clinical studies that prove that the Gerson cancer treatment doesn’t work.  Let’s cut to the chase, though.

Those formal studies/experiments were never conducted.  At best this is all highly suspicious.  Can we say that the Gerson cancer treatment works?  No, not without those clinical studies the government, private industry and academia have refused to conduct.  They eagerly fund all research requested by Big Pharma into new lab-produced drugs and treatments, most ostensibly because these synthetic treatments are patentable (and natural cures simply aren’t) and don’t provide a cure but merely keep the profit-over-cures cycle going.

5.  Most medical and mental health problems are a direct (and, in some cases, indirect) result of nutritional deficiencies or are exacerbated by them; as a matter of fact, if human beings were getting the proper nutrition needed on a daily basis, many modern diseases would not be as prevalent, if they could be found at all.  This includes, incredibly, top killers like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, strokes and cancer.  All of them are most probably either greatly exacerbated by, if not directly a result of, nutritional deficiencies.

Unfortunately, there is only one way to prove or disprove this assertion–a “way” which we’re getting further and further away from.  If anything, human beings are systematically being deprived of the many nutrients (some of which the medical establishment doesn’t even recognize or acknowledge anymore) that are essential for full-functioning human organs and systems, like the one responsible for natural immunity.

The human body is capable of healing itself but it can only do so if it regularly receives the 90+ vitamins and minerals without which it can’t function at peak, optimum capacity.  Allopathic medicine (what most licensed doctors practice these days) rejects this notion, which is why it is such a dismal failure at preventing disease; it must also be blamed for the skyrocketing rates of chronic diseases which are now the number one killers!

6.  Processed/packaged and fast foods are downright toxic and greatly contribute to disease and ill-health in the world.  Doctors, government health agents, Big Food, Big Pharma, academia, and the mainstream media can’t say this to you because they are all too financially conflicted (i.e., they have all gotten filthy rich from the money they receive on a regular basis by either suppressing important facts or dishing out only corporate/government-approved propaganda) to tell the public the truth.  Instead, they let people poison themselves on a regular basis.

Because of these unhealthy eating lifestyles, an unending market of overweight, always-sick patients has been created.  Why fix this paradigm when it is obviously so profitable, so viciously “perfect”–from a corporate-profits perspective?

7.  CT and PET scans carry a much heavier and serious health risk than the public is generally told.  CT scans, for example, can be the equivalent of roughly 200 X-rays–that’s an awful lot of ionizing radiation at one “sitting.”  The radioactive tracers used in PET scans, in spite of being referred to as “completely safe,” carry several risks–not the least of which are:

  • healthy cells getting damaged as the tracers course past them,
  • some patients can have nasty reactions/allergies to these tracers,
  • and these tracers can get trapped inside the body (instead of politely leaving the scene as generally expected) for long enough to do some internal harm–and the fact that they supposedly have very short radioactive half-lives doesn’t completely obviate this ever-present danger!

8.   Most of Big Pharma’s potions and elixirs can inflict more serious complications and side-effects than the public is told; in fact, more people sustain serious injury or are killed by these drugs than is publicly and officially admitted.  Almost every day, another of Big Pharma’s magic, lab-created elixirs and potions falls by the wayside, at last taken down, but only after dozens (usually a small sample of the hundreds or thousands that were most probably, unofficially, harmed) of people were either maimed or killed.  All these drugs have supposedly been extensively tested but, somehow, these disasters seem to be inevitable.

Maybe bribes were paid to bypass important testing milestones; maybe some tests were merely faked and never conducted.  Or maybe it’s the fact that synthetic magic potions and elixirs will never be as safe as natural (albeit un-patentable) medicines–but don’t try pounding this undeniable fact into the mule-obstinate, profit-obsessed brains of pharmaceutical, academic and medical “cults” members.

9.  The top reasons and concerns, in general, guiding medical decisions have little to do with being concerned about the patient’s best interests, what pure & unbiased views science holds on the subject, and what the patient wants or needs; as a matter of fact, the things that mostly strongly affect medical decisions these days are potential profits, pleasing the government, obeying insurance companies (whether they’re right or wrong), making sure no one gets sued, and covering one’s tracks (when things go wrong or a mistake is made).

This is not to say that there aren’t caring, compassionate and competent doctors and nurses but, let’s face it, doctors and nurses don’t have as much of a say in things as they should.  Their decisions are often dictated or forced by the AMA, local licensing boards, government laws, health insurance companies, corporations, and the legitimate, ever-present fears of being sued.

In essence, patients’ rights and best interests fall somewhere behind or beneath all these “priorities.”

10.  If  your doctor makes a mistake, suffers from flagrant incompetence or even does something wrong on purpose (which ultimately hurts you), you will have a very hard time proving it, being equitably compensated for your loss/harm, and/or getting the physician to admit to the mistake or wrongdoing.  Although many people continue to deny that the legal system is heavily flawed in favor of doctors, the numbers (from actual lawsuits, cases involving harm to patients, and investigations into the matter) justify these assertions.

The fact is that many people are seriously injured by egregious instances of medical negligence, incompetence and criminal intent (such as when surgeons perform unnecessary but highly profitable surgical procedures, sterilize non-white patients as part of “secret” global depopulation agendas, or use their medical positions as weapons against personal enemies or people they randomly hate) every year.  You may not become sympathetic until you become a victim of medical malpractice yourself.

Just wait until you become a victim or, better yet, speak to victims thereof and, if neither option appeals to  you, look at transcripts from actual past legal cases–maybe then you will get a better grasp of the ever-worsening, mostly-swept-under-the-carpet problem.


Doctors and other healthcare providers are no different than other paid-for-their-services professionals.  Let’s first of all admit that most of these people are in it for the money–notwithstanding the few that joined the industry to “do good.”  Regardless of the reasons for joining this industry, the fact is that the healthcare/medical industry has an agenda that may be in direct opposition to what most patients either need or want.

Beyond this, there are many things happening all around us which the system (the government, healthcare providers, insurance companies, the mainstream media, etc.) would prefer if we didn’t know about.  Sometimes, it’s a matter of avoiding panic or preventing complete chaos.  The horrific, whole-planet-affecting Fukushima disaster is a perfect example.

If the public knew how extensive and potentially destructive Fukushima will ultimately be (since it has yet to be contained), many people would probably resort to very drastic things–like avoiding seafood altogether, not going near any of the beaches along the pacific ocean, or wisely refusing to visit any of the most-affected geographic areas (which would be yet another great blow to the already dismal tourist industry in the past decades for many countries).

Finally, much of what guides decision-making these days has to do with the globalist agenda many people are either totally clueless about or are only now finally finding out about.  For those persons who may not be aware of this psychopathic ubiquitous globalism, here’s what they have been surreptitiously imposing on third world countries (and, more recently, on western countries) for the past 100 years or so:

  • A comprehensive depopulation plan meant to bring down the excessive (in their eyes) numbers of human beings on a planet they think cannot possibly successfully support such high numbers (now approaching 8 billion);
  • The creation of a one-world government, currency, healthcare system, etc., most probably using the UN as the catalyst or presiding governmental/administrative vehicle;
  • A society governed by a very restrictive political correctness which pretty much abolishes any freedom of speech;
  • A global Police State which controls every aspect of human society, including who can propagate, when, and under what circumstances;
  • The creation of a massive (the majority of people on the planet) Medieval-paradigm, serf-style work force–i.e., people working for very low wages and in jobs that don’t permit upper or even lateral mobility;
  • The elimination of the so-called Middle Class, to be replaced by a system with a small class of super-rich folks governing a much bigger (but nowhere as big as today’s so-called) “work force”;
  • Totally hand-picked (before any so called popular elections) political candidates whose agendas have been given to them and from which they may not deviate for any personal reasons while in office;
  • Government agency leaders (and staff) with well-set, highly-restricted and special agendas the public is only marginally aware of;
  • A corporate profits-focused business environment that clearly favors the super-rich, while at the same time either ignoring or outright trampling over what’s best for the impecunious and progressively-less-powerful/fewer-rights-bearing masses;
  • The creation and protection of a healthcare system that eschews prevention, mostly addresses symptoms (rather than attacking the root causes), and helps maintain the keeping-them-sick-rather-than-curing-them-is-ultimately-more-profitable paradigm;
  • and the sanctioning of a government/corporation-controlled mainstream mediathat only publishes what it’s been told to publish–to be clear:  what is in the best interest of all the globalist agendas and the elite that run and own the world!

To put it in simpler terms, you are only being told what the “powers that be” think you need to know; more importantly, your rights are being steadily eroded in the name of the mighty buck.  You can either quietly and submissively accept these facts or, though there is much danger in doing so, you can at last stand up for what’s best for you and fight for what few rights you have left.

One of those most basic rights is the need to “know”–i.e., the “ridiculous” notion that we should be told the truth (not what has been sanitized and censored) and that no information (especially that which is necessary for our well-being and even survival) should be kept from us for whatever (sinister) reasons.

Some people may point out that doctors are only responsible for health information but the sad fact is that most people today are being deprived of important information which they badly need.  What is being kept from the public by healthcare providers is a good example of what is happening in all aspects of human society.

In other words, if doctors are not telling you a number of important things you need to know, then you can be sure that the same kind of information deprivation is occurring in other areas:  employment, political events, control of the mainstream media, banking, real estate, so-called “social networking sites,” etc.

For the record, what you don’t know CAN hurt you–which is why you should always ask questions, read or listen to alternative news sources (in order to get the rest of the story to whatever you’ve been told by the mainstream media), and quit sheepishly and gullibly accepting what you hear simply because it came from a so-called “professional expert.”

Special thanks to our friends at Wellness.com for this piece.

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